Fits Cycling is the spot for all your cycling needs!
We support you throughout your cycling adventure. Our products are selected with passion and conviction, from quality bikes and equipment to accessories for gravel, racing or bikepacking. We also offer maintenance and repair so you can enjoy your rides to the fullest.

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The shop

Fits Cycling was born from a desire to do things our own way.
It’s a place for cyclists to meet, a shop curating cycling products we believe in, a place to find that bike you always wanted, get your bike fixed, or get one built to your needs.

The shop reflects our vision of cycling, a vision fueled by a strong background in skateboarding and a love for subcultures.
We carry products we test and ride, combining quality, performance and aesthetics.

Being outside rain or shine, having a good time with friends, pushing our limits and getting out of our comfort zone is what we like.
Come by for a talk, a coffee and let’s share what we love.

Cheers to cycling!


What is FITS Cycling you may ask? Well, I am going to lay this out for you in the most sincere way possible.

Having spent my whole life skateboarding, surfing a bit, and snowboarding at a professional level I have always had a need for speed, adrenalin, scaring myself a bit and pushing my own limits.

Well, here we are a couple years later and most of my free time is spent riding the roads and forests of the Southwest of France, and the close-by Pyrenees.
This cycling thing grew on me like crazy, and as a person that can only combine work and passion, I decided it was time for me to do something with this.

The intention of Fits Cycling is to be a place where the cycling community can meet, talk, start rides, share a passion and good vibes. Kind of what I had growing up in skate shop in the 90’s. Something rather inclusive than exclusive!

Last but not least, the name FITS came from the word “fiets” which simply means bicycle in Flemish. And me being born in Belgium, well I’m always looking for my “inner Flandrien”.

Welcome to Fits Cycling!
Philippe Lalemant.